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Slasher Daddy

Slasher Daddy


To avoid copyright infringement, I am avoiding any references to one of MY all time favorite horror franchises. So, instead of referencing that particular Friday, we'll call this guy who knows EXACTLY what he wants "Slasher Daddy".

    This bath bomb is an ode to summer time, and one of my favorite summer time treats, Rainbow Sherbet. Slash your way into sherbet heaven with the scent of Raspberry, Lime, and Orange. Let the moisturizing oils of almond and hemp seed soothe and nourish your dry, tired bones, after a hard day (or night) of SLAYING.


How to use : 

Run the water into your tub to a comfortable temperature for your bath. 
Place your bath bomb in the water.
Wait 2 minutes for the bath bomb to dissolve and release its scent.

Hop into your tub, and relax. 




    Ingredients: Natural Baking Soda*, Citric Acid*, Organic Cream of Tartar*, Natural Kaolin Clay, SLSA, Cold-Pressed Natural Sweet Almond Oil, Cold-Pressed Organic Hemp Seed Oil*, Poly80*, Natural Fragrance Oil, Mica (for color). 

    *Non-GMO Project Verified

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